Sunday, March 27, 2016

Pip's POEM on Easter Day

  alcoholic at birth
  mothers addiction
  father loss disaster later
  fateful crack overdose
  and years of homes
  sometimes called 'care'

  mother herself
  all too young
  very young
  without parental models
  sometimes called 'it's the parents fault'

  raped and abused
  abused and robbed
  fragmented like hell
  sometimes called 'tormented'

  drugs and crime
  crime and drugs
  suck the life
  drain the soul
  shred the person
  sometimes called 'deprivation'

  ymca hostel
  mission to care
  mission to support
  mission to develop
  sometimes called 'hope'

  as thin as a rake
  loud and screaming
  tearful and down
  always a name call
  always my name
  sometimes called 'erratic'

  drugs on
  off drugs
  relationships on
  chemical relationship on
  struggle to sustain
  loved and hated
  sometimes called 'dependent'

  alone on her own
  found on her own
  died on her own
  lay still on her own
  only chemical friends
  sometimes called 'overdose'

  tears of the crowd
  loss in community
  death lurks us all
  quiet at last
  tears run silent
  sobs rack deep
  world loses a character
  sometimes called 'bereavement'

  how do I feel
  the feelings are deep
  she was driving blind
  foot on disaster
  hard as nails
  fragile and bruised
  beautifully broken
  sometimes called 'love'

  creator loved
  creator loves
  precious child
  valuable life
  loss loss loss
  sometimes called 'a waste'

  never lived
  only survived
  we need to care
  in life
  before death
  we need to love
  more-so the broken
  more-so the damaged
  more-so when it's impossible
  more-so before it is too late
  sometimes called 'reflective learning'

  let these little ones
  come to me
  of such
  the kingdom of heaven
  the master said
  the master repeats
  when it matters
  he retains the loving
  continues the loving
  the creator of love
  keeps showing us
  teaching us
  demonstrating to us
  sometimes called
  'eternal love
  everlasting love
  to a person
  for a person
  we will remember eternally and everlasting'

  pip wilson 14.04.04

She was found dead on Easter Day.