Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Imagine Greenbelt 2016 ...............

OK, Easter weekend may turn out to be a bit wet and windy, but spring is in the air. And summer will be hot on its heels. Imagine kicking off your shoes, lying in the grass and looking up at a beautiful, sunny sky. Imagine Greenbelt 2016.
But don't just imagine. Bag the best ticket deals now, before the end of March.
  • An 18-25 YEAR-OLD ticket is ONLY £75.
  • CHILD and YOUTH tickets are JUST £50.
  • An ADULT SAVES £20 on their weekend ticket.
  • A community leader / worker who has never been before can bag a FIRST-TIME LEADER ticket for ONLY £50.
  • A wide range of concession tickets.
  • Deposit and balance payment options to spread the cost.
  • Our Open Festival scheme for those on low incomes.

Trust Greenbelt

We've just given away £80,000 to initiatives combining faith, arts and justice in the UK, Europe and around the world. Thanks to your generous giving at the festival's communion service, we've  gifted vital funding to a wide variety  projects that would otherwise would find it really difficult to access funding. We'll tell more stories on the website in the weeks to come. But for now: THANKS!

Who's on the bill?

Last week we announced a whole range of names on this year's festival programme. You'll soon be able to browse them all on our new website. We're also pleased to say that Imran Yusuf will be joining Josie Long on this year's comedy bill.

The sound of Greenbelt?

Check out the Spotify Playlist for the music acts announced so far for GB16. Including tracks from headliners – Kitty Daisy & LewisThe Hot 8 Brass BandNakho and Medicine for the People and Hope & Social's A Band Anyone Can Join.

Time to get social?

We're using FacebookTwitter and Instagram more this year. And what would really help us is for you to interact – like, share, retweet, comment – with our posts. Some things get lots of attention, others don't. We posted a photo of the Tiny Tea Tent and the response was incredible! So here's an appeal for your old pics of TTT at the festival. The one above is from 21 years ago. Have you got an older one?

The fifth Gospel?

Lucy Winkett's talk from last year's festival, Reading the Bible with your Feet is as brilliant as it sounds. It ends with her urging us to see our lives as being the fifth gospel. And to know ourselves fully part of the Bible's story. It's perfect for Easter.

Have you seen our film?

Check out our promo film here and please share it far and wide. It's a small slice of what Greenbelt is like at Boughton House.

What are our partners and associates up to?

Christian Aid's
Big Brekkie

This year, as part of Christian Aid Week, there will be Big Brekkies up and down the country. Read more about it here.

Coming on board

We're thrilled to join forces with the YMCA to develop our programming and support for young people at the festival

Us (formerly USPG)
Refugee news

Racist or Unrealistic? Us's latest blog here explores how we can have good conversations about migration.
"It was a brilliant, inspiring and powerful experience, full of inspirational people. Transformative and unexpected."
Journalist, Bidisha, about Greenbelt 2015
Pictured: Piff Paff's Planetary show, just one of the great performing arts bookings for this year's Silent Stars festival