Sunday, March 20, 2016

Group working with young humans

I was moving around chatting to a group of young humans
as they assembled to involve themselves in a group work session.
I was going around asking them 'do you feel beautiful?'
I was chirping with them and fumbling 
with failing to remember names -
as I do.

'Do you THINK you are beautiful?' I say.
Then I go around giving everyone a tiny little bit of stardust, 
I call them, placing one in each palm with gentleness.
In their hand is a sliver of glitter
in a bright shiny colour.
I say - 'here is a little surprise for you'.
The little item of glitter is stamped out in foil type of material.
Each of them spelling the word 'surprise'.
It is worthless.
It is valueless.
But it is a present from me.
It is a gift.
It is savable.
...... and aren't most things which are 
most valuable and precious to us -
'of no value'?

Then a young geezer says 
'Have you ever run a game show?'
A genuine question - never asked before.
I smile and touch on the 'Rolling Magazine Show'
as I carry on working around the group.

To create an experience within a climate of trust.
To enable them to reflect on that experience -
and choose to develop/change/grow.
So it is a bit like - growing a seed to become a flower.

My main aim is the process and learning.
I am trying to get them to process

1: thinking,

2: feelings 

3: behaviours

and to know the difference between the three.
It is a big attempt in such a short run of sessions.
It is all about building confidence,
self esteem so that they will begin to feel better about themselves.

"I was a person who couldn't and 
I became a person who could".