Friday, March 18, 2016

“People don’t want drills. They want holes.”

“People don’t want drills. 
  They want holes.”

I have::
three cold sores on my lip
one tight chest
one slumped human frame
multiple coughs
water drinking by the gallon 
One big-enlarged-bursting-encouraged-soul.

Norway was great
Iceland was great
both bursting my soul
love it love it
a week-end
in Nottingham University
I yearn for
..... the forthcoming
a challenge like
never before
unknown beautiful humans
who, I know, I will love.
I know they will stretch me
..... it is always the forthcoming
with me ..............

I am returning.
I want more.
The more you give
the more I receive.
The more I am drained -
the more adrenaline
the more time
the more energy
- I grow more (i)
- I see more (ii)

A caterpillar looks nothing like a butterfly
but one develops fro the other. (i)

I am blind and I want to see (ii)

I ended my first book with this quote from the Bible::
'Seek the 
of the city
where I have sent you
because in it's
you will find your own

And this is what SHALOM 
is all about::

S h a l o m.
Hebrew word usually rendered 'peace' in English versions of the Bible.
a For the individual - a totally intergrated life of health of body, 
heart and mind, attuned to nature, open to others, in joy with God.
b Between persons - sharing, mutuality and love.
c In community or society - justice, dignity, independence and 
freedom, harmony and reciprocity, 
the contentment with 'enough' that all may have 'enough'.

It is the opposite to oppression, violence, and selfishness; 
it means man/woman as a caring trustee of creation, 
having ended exploitation, indifference and irresponsibility. 
This is something of the Shalom of God 
'which passes all understanding', 
the total well-being he wills for man - woman and the cosmos, 
the goal of his mission, the content of his reign.

This is an old Blog - a few years ago.
Triggered when someone asked me about my Icelandic travels.
Great memories.