Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Some Developmental Questions for you. Do you do development?

Some Questions for your soul
have a go at them.

Do you set aside all you principles and beliefs when you get angry?
Are you more snappy and irritable with those humans who you love the most?
When you are tired, do you feel that feeling - 
or just say something negative which you wouldn't if you were fresh faced?
When someone is saying something you don't like, 
do you look at their facial expression and try to hear what is behind the words?
Do you believe that the most disliked human in your life - 
is a beautiful human person?
Do you believe that there is no such a thing as a difficult human, 
just difficult behaviour?
Is your behaviour being modelled for you, 
and whispered to you, by your parent - even if they have died?
Do you sometimes regret how you have transacted with another human?
Do you sometimes have deep feelings about how you have 
communicated to another human?
Do you believe that you can change for the better?

Do you do anything about it?