Friday, March 25, 2016

Conflict on GOOD FRIDAY

NOT a conflict.

Seems to be a conflict.

Good Friday

St Helens = The Saints - Rugby League
Canterbury Cathedral 

Ever since I was a child growing up in St Helens
Good Friday has been the derby game
between The Pies v The Saints.

The Pies a 'friendly' name for 'The Pie Eaters'
= Wigan Rugby League team
who play at the Pie-dome

They are the number one team to beat.
Always and forever amen.
today we play them at today 12noon. 

It is the local WAR
Rugby League WAR!

I will miss it
but I will watch on playback 3/4 hours later
(so please don't send me messages)!

Canterbury Cathedral.
3 hour Good Friday Service.

Me and Mrs Beautiful will be there.
Kick Off exactly the same time.

It is a quiet service.
So much time for an inner journey.
So much reflective time.
FEELING the journey
to the cross
to liberation
to freedom
to shaking of the earth
to FEEL the pain
the sacrifice
my purpose and direction for living.

So we journey through two extremes.

Where and how will you journey this week?
Where will you journey to on Friday?
Will it be a physical journey?
Will it be a inner journey?

I yearn for this life of stretch and purpose.
I want to be shaken.
I want to be disturbed.
I want to feel ever tackle
every thorn
every drop of blood spilled
every nail
every earth shattering blow and spill of the rugby ball.

I want to refresh my irritation.
I want to sacrifice security for freedom.

Have a great Easter - what ever you may be doing.