Monday, March 14, 2016

He is an asylum seeker rejected by his own country

"To be honest, I knew its absolutely difficult life for me, 
especially when you haven't any single person you could call your own. 
Except for my wife and son, no one even exists.  
But I 've always still hope that in God's name, 
I' ll survive. 
All shall someday come to pass hopefully."

I received this in an email from a man trapped in the UK - 
living in a YMCA hostel and having a tough time

He is a Moslem
we share faith things
He is an asylum seeker rejected by his own country
separated from wife and children

I think learning life 
comes to me from working - 
being - becoming ……. 
with people who are at the bottom. 
The underside of life.
The weeping with them
feeling their pain
feeling their trapped-pit-oppression

That makes me yearn for empathy 
and understanding and solutions .........

Also I 
Read stuff
Learn stuff  about
Mental Health
Emotional Intelligence
Love love love LOVE

I drink music
I love people

AND I mix with the likes of you - you special human
that gives me a reason to be forever searching and yearning