Saturday, December 16, 2006

...... feelings hmmmm ......

I don't recall me being big on my human feelings for some time - here in blogville .....hmmm.
Occasional or recent visitors to this blog-planet will suspect I am just a level 2 and level 3 human.

Quick brief on Level 5 Communication::
1 Clichés
2 Facts
3 Opinions
4 Feelings
5 Total openness - which is impossible maybe - but a target in life - a journey ....
close brackets

I have a commitment to be a 'Level five human' in life and in clicks.
I want to take the masks off.

I am feeling quite good right now.
Have been in recent times.
Feeling fresh generally but I am not functioning well when I am working away from front line interactions. Myers Briggs tells me my type. I am a lazy human when it comes to background detail but motivated to the eyeballs when I am preparing and conducting face-to-face work. I know I need a break.
Are you anything like this?

I also feel I am on a slippery slope - all the way to Christmas .....
It is going to happen with me or without me....

At one period of my life - I used to dislike Christmas. I felt faithless before, after and during. I felt it was all superficial and meaningless. (Level 1)
And I was being dragged into it screaming ....
My lack of wholeness was being pushed through the mangle.
Now my wholeness deficiencies are more relaxed.
I accept my imperfection as I accept my beautifulness.
That helps me in my acceptance of others too.
They, I accept, are suffering from imperfection.
So am I

I still feel inadequate about my inadequacies
but now I believe that
Vulnerability is a strength not a weakness.
Believe - yes
I still need to handle it emotionally
L5 like
open like
If I don't - I will have wear one of my masks on
I have tried to keep them locked away
old clothes
a face of yesteryear

And you?

Twice this week I have had a rush of 'not so good' feelings into my system, called soul, when I could have easily have responded to them with 'not so good' behaviour.
I feel the same things as I used to do when I snapped or displayed anger or temper to another.
Now, mostly, I feel them feelings - put a word to them - and then get my mind to decide what to do/say ....... rather than my feelings.

I don't ever get depressed as I know many do.
I get emotionally flat occasionally.
Not very often. I notice it when I do.

Like you, I guess, I will be taking out the magnifying glass during the holiday season. I will be taking a good look at my life ........ and making some decisions which will tweak my vision and mission.
Knowing that is important to my motivation.
My sense of achievement.
If we have a job - we will retire sometime.
With a mission - we never retire because life always has a purpose and a direction .......

Magnifying glass anyone?

Dance like no-one is watching
Sing like no-one is listening
Love like you have never been hurt.