Thursday, December 21, 2006

........... I observed young humans behaving::

PEACE on Earth .......
• He was drunk.
He came up behind the little guy and smacked him hard, simultaneously with both palms around the ears.
He then abused and threatened the other three on the dining table as they sat eating and socializing.
He was bigger, alcohol influenced and with three non-aggressive young men.
As drunk as he was – he chose not to project this behaviour on the other big tough guys only a few yards away.
He picked on the smallest.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a………………
• The big guy shouted loud at everyone around.
Helping self to three desserts seemed right to him.
As his palms opened, the fingers extended like spikes.
Like his tone of voice – like his loudness,
he is big and strong and tall and yet
his life skills have only developed along a certain behavioural line.

“Joy to the World”. Doesn’t this always happen between nations, races, cultures, staff teams, and individuals in one-to-one?

• As I sat on the gym machine, pausing for breath, I saw through the mirror a beautiful moment.
A member with M.S.,
determined to exercise,
slipped as she struggled out of her wheelchair onto the leg press.
And tears came.
She was having a bad day.
The Instructor helping her – came close and lifted her.
More than that – his head rested against hers as he whispered
unheard words of comfort.
She did not mask it
– he did not mask it.
A ‘Kiss of Life’ within my vision.
It kissed me beneath my mask.

So………..we repress our feelings because
‘We feel’ .............
they are unacceptable to others and the mask comes in handy.
We can pretend we have it ‘all together’ behind the mask!
The mask helps to protect
from the negatives in daily life.

Seeing behind the behaviour,
the mask ...........
I see a beautiful human
who Jesus was born for
and…………………… (fill in this bit yourself)

“ We are sick as we are secret”
John Berryman.

Let us join the vulnerable babe this Christmas.
Maskless vulnerability.
So love can get in.
So love can get out.