Wednesday, December 20, 2006

FOG .....

.... I am back on the keys from a journey back from the North West of England - in the FOG!
Yes - here in the UK there is blurred vision. London Heathrow is hit bad with many flights cancelled.
Driving back through the banks of fog and cold to freezing weather took almost six hours. Part of that was dropping off Sheila, the Joy one, who had travelled from her work in Manchester to the heart of Rugby League - St Helens (which isn't a volcano!). It Was great seeing her and catching up 'post party' - even if it was on a motorway!

Lots to think/click/reflect about but I am a bit dead in the head region tonight....... so no more words ....
(Hope you have the sound up to hear my daily song-build-up to the Christmas week-end?)

Or is it so predictable—

so orderly,

that I don't have the time or space
for listening
the rustle of angels' wings

or running to the stable
to see a baby?

Could this be what he meant when he said
Listen, those who have ears to hear...
Look, those who have eyes to see?

Anne Weems