Wednesday, December 13, 2006

... about four years ago I had given notice to leave community leadership after about sheds full of years.

I was leaving a great organisation where I can been Chief Servant Worker for about 19 years. I was leaving because of many reasons but I think it was for one main purpose - vision - mission - to spend more time as a Group Worker and Trainer. And here I am .........

In my mind was one of my principles in life::
"Don't sacrifice freedom for security"
So I gave seven months notice without future employment or having a home.
When I left the job I had three employers.
One was a six months post as a National Advisor and the other two as a group worker with humans with special needs............ and I have been in that groove ever since ............. hey hey ......

I thought of all this because today I was in conference at Southwell House (Finchley Road Tube London - poshland!). During my yearning search for a job I had considered applying for a job because they did excellent group work - my sort of thing.
And today I was there and bumped into Linda, who I wept mutual tears with at Greenbelt 2006, and Bruce who was a student with me some years ago. Wonder-full.

Maybe I will be doing some training work there in the future?

Got some great emails from a few of my blog friendhumans over the last couple of days and as soon as I get a moment I will be telling you all about it - as much as permitted .........

......... you are beautiful ..........