Saturday, December 16, 2006

Selection Box 2006
for you ...........

For the past four years I have been burning an annual 'Selection Box' CD - and before that annual cassettes.

I send it ONLY to humans who click here on my blog.
It contains my most inspiring music from the 12 months.
It is free and with my pleasure.

Some ask to pay but I don't make the music - just loveit and promote it.
So I say - ONLY if you wish - give some cash to a charity of YOUR choice - make a difference.

Soooo......... if you would like a cc of my, yet to be composed, CD of music - just drop me an eMail with::
'Selection Box 2006' in the 'subject box'
and your name and address in the body of the eMail.

I will post early 2007.

In the last part of this year I have felt like a DJ on my blog. Thanx to the creative genius of Big John, the Maker of the PiPod, - I have been able to play some of my favourite fresh grooves of the moment - right here right now.
It is so wonder-full for me because I am always thirsting the new and the fresh ........
(Just like life really - yearning stepping out - digging deep .......... ) ..... and I can share it with you to see if it tickles your taste buds .......

In the coming days I will be continuing to place music on my PiPod.
Christmas flavour.

I will be continuing to blog and post pictures from Wilson Mansions or France or Sheilas or wherever .....

Also - I have a big job to do. Deciding on my really special 10/12 music tracks from the whole of the year ........ hmmmm
Everyone has a moment of time

Everyone has a picture in my head

Everyone has a 'PipTube' video in my sockets

Everyone has a feeling in my soul ..........

So if you would like one ........... get to me anytime
before 2007 ............
(Link to my eMail ad is on my web-site home page)

you are beautiful - and that cannot be improved by a free CD!!

100% is all you get .........