Saturday, December 09, 2006

...... it is late night at
Wilson Mansions.

The gas fire is burping.
Zig is outstretched in front of it - on his back, one paw in the air.
My iPod is playing through my little music system which comes with me to all my gigs.
BenjiB my almost favourite DJ is talking to me and introducing me to new grooves.
I have had a Cointreau and a small light cigar. Followed by a peppermint tea and lots of water.
Watched a little TV - read some.
Finished one and now starting a new one by Anne Lamott 'All new people'.

Both of us were in tonight and we decided to watch 'Walk the Line' DVD.
Good - we first saw it at the movies and found it disturbingly powerful.

Again it was powerful and then half way through - Richard phoned.
Gripping film but we never returned to it because Richard and his life was more important.
The movie was not so interesting afterwards.
Richard is an an incredible journey and rolling out some beautiful stuff on his blog. Worth following the journey it seems to me ....

A couple of days ago Joan and me had tears in our eyes.
We were writing a birthday card for Sheila - the one named Joy.
Today she phoned having received the card - and she had cried too.
It was the 40th birthday card and it demanded special words from special and deep emotions.
Today is her birthday - Happy Birthday Sheila - you are beautiful.

She was born when we lived as House-parents in an Approved School - a residential school for young offenders. It was in an English County called Cheshire. The were all boys from Manchester. All under 18.

It was these youngsters who encouraged her to walk her first step and rejoiced with us. It was they who fed baby Sheila pilchards on toast for breakfast when I was busy dealing with issues - and Joan was cooking breakfast, and lunch at the same time, for 30 boys. It was they who fought to to be the ones to push her pram around the house at breakneck speed.
She was born into a large family .....

And memories surge through me as I scan the years as she moved through dependency to independence to becoming a fantastic daughter, woman and damn good friend ............. who I love with indescribable words and emotions.

Happy Birthday Sheila