Friday, December 15, 2006

If you have been clicking this way over the last year ........

You will have read about Richard and his life story as it unfolded::

An International Volunteer from India.
Four years here working with me and others.
Played a large part in Greenbelt and the YMCA Festival in Prague.
Success in gaining a place on a degree course in 'Informal Education' - used to be called 'Youth Work'.
Travelling back to India to get his visa to facilitate his early return.
Being refused a visa by the British Embassy there.
A year struggling with red tape only to be overturned by the same 'redtapers' without an appeal - just a years delay!
Meeting Jenika in India,an American beautiful human, on a years placement out there.
Falling in love
- lots of kissing .........

And he returned with his sparkling new visa to live, work and study here
and Jen returning to the States at the end of her year.

And this week
this week!!
she flies in - and they are together for ten days
AND get engaged this Saturday hey hey
to be married next December
hey hey

USA here we come .......

So that is a quick catch up other than me and Joan took them out for a meal in a pub called 'Bell'
- the best food on the East side of London Town.
Here they are::
-in the Wilson Limo
- in the Bell
- and there is more to come from The Wilson Mansions.

What more can I tell you .............. just log onto his blog forever ........