Friday, December 29, 2006

.... Wilson Mansions was cold and dark at 6am when we alarmed ourselves from slumber and hit the road.. ...

It is only one hour and a wee bit to get to the Chunnel - that is the car-carry train that takes us under the English Channel in about 30 minutes.

Then it is a sweet and clear two hours drive to Reims. The French pronounce something like 'gggrumm' - well - it sounds like that to an ignorant me!

The first stop was our favourite Cafe in France - The Cafe de Palais'. A bit like the New Piccadilly Restaurant in London but this was designed in the 30's and the NuPic is concreted into the 50's.
It is zero/-1. It is wrap up stylie for Joan and me.

After a few drifting hours around the vibrant city centre, not a bit like Romford, we changed and went out to the Le Continental Restaurant and enjoyed a beautiful three courses of small portions - with some great style. To add to the pleasure we asked for a recommended Champagne which we sipped through all three courses .......... Hmmm Iloveitloveit ................

Met with prejudice at the Hotel we are in.
The wifi you had to pay for was only able to work on those dull gray boxes called PC's - and not on my Mac ........ STINK!
So I could not post my pix to show all of you who are in distant lands - the scenes-of-Reims.
stink .....

Day 2 - our only full day here, we just hung out speaking my only French word 'bonjour' a lot.
We vibe-shopped and bought nothing.
We found another New Piccadilly of Reims for breakfast.
....... And in the afternoon we jumped on a little train, with one carriage just for me and Joan, and we travelled three floors deep underground in the cellar of the Champagne House - Piper Heidsieck.
It is a big set-up.
A free glass of Champagne at the end and no hard sell.
(But we did buy something for the Sheilas shhhhh).

And tonight we visit a Michelin Rosette Restaurant - only ever done this three times in our life before. These have been spread over about fifteen years............ hey hey

(and I have found a cyber cafe hey hey).

I feel good.
Maybe I can relax?
I am aware that yesterday I said I was feeling 'weird' and that is not a descriptive word.
I suppose it means vague/uncomfortable with myself - and I was ..........

Hope you are working things through during this time of the year - with the pumpkin shaped year about to turn into a glittering coach and horses for you - the Cinderella who is really a Princess/Prince .....

Make sure you keep that pumpkin handy as I would hate you to miss the coach!

You are beautiful
and that does not depend on a fairy tale ..........