Sunday, December 17, 2006


....... I mentioned with usual overkill - about Joy's birthday last Saturday.

This was the party last night.
Everyone asked to dress in black and white and wear a mask hey hey

I am always going on about masks.
These are the real fun things. They really added to the party with all Joy's Fashion and photo-shoot friends, Ann's TV friends and family friends ....... old and new.

Here is Joy with her mask which remained on all evening. Her dress is the same one she wore on her 21st birthday party! She made it herself when she worked with Zandra Rhodes some zillion years ago.

And a few more pip-pix to give a sense of the vibe in a upper room of a London Pub.
I will steal some better pictures from others and trickle them out during the coming days ........... it was a great night ...

I think the biggest impact was the number of Joy's friends who came up to me and said what a great friend she is.
To me and Joan too - that is one of the great pleasures in knowing these great humans.

Happy Birthday Sheila ......