Friday, December 22, 2006


.. Here at Wilson Mansions all is quiet.

What can I say ........

This is Jen and Richard outside our Church on Sunday - we were there with Mr Singh to Carol together. I counted them in and counted them out.
60 in the Choir.

Now this happy couple have split - Jen back to the US through the fog and Richard, never alone, is without her again. But they have become engaged with a wedding in December 2007.
Read his blog ............... see the engagement - on his knee to propose!
- on The London Eye !!

We are going to Sheilas over Christmas with both the Sheilas.
It will be great.

In between the two holiday week-ends we two are slipping away to Reims in France - the heart of the Champagne region.
We will sip a little of the local brew in the most wondrous of settings - just a drive away .......

I have sent out a mini eNews to about 3000+ humans who have registered on my eNews list (see/click my home page if you want one in the future).
Also to about 1500 others who are in my address book. (if you got two - sorry!)
I will create a proper eNews come January with all the news of the new publications and the Road Less Travelled adventures in the year ahead.

I am aware of certain humans in my life who are facing Christmas without many positives.
I feel deeply for them/you - if you have some tough days ahead.
You are beautiful
Christmas is here to prove it
that you are beautiful.
not the man made one
the first one
the real one.

Because I work with humans who say::
"I hate Christmas"
I feel things about Christmas which are beyond self and family.
To manage my step back from frontline work - and take a break
(for years Joan and me have worked to give many living in hostels the best possible Christmas)
...... to manage I have the a saying which I have clicked here before::
"I am responsible to people - not for people"

...... so I have clicked a few words from my stumbling fumbling soul.
Soul undressing ......

Stay with me over the coming days ...
Listen to the beautiful music here .....
Read a few words as I reflect the journey to and through the new year .......

Love came at Christmas
Into straw poverty ..........