Sunday, December 24, 2006

Greetings you beautiful human
thanx for clicking this way
on Christmas Eve

later than that?
- is it -? hmmmmmm

What did Adam say to his wife today?::

"It is Christmas - Eve"

(What a beautiful message, photo seen here, I save on my mobile inbox ...... Congratulations to Bono )

Just had some guests pop in to a home which was smelling of roasting ham and freshly baked mince pies ..........
...... see the photos of these beautiful humans:: Lilly and Molly and their beautiful human Father .......... it is great that they pop in every Christmas - they have family in Romford ....... otherwise who would come here!!

...... and also had a 44 minute conversation with Denis Carnaby who phoned from Portland Oregon.
Never spoke to him for yearsssss
He was a major figure in my, our whole family, journey through life. He invited me to apply for a job at Romford YMCA, some 23 years ago, and St Helens YMCA some 24-ish years before that.
We talked and talked about life now and touching so many things and memories from the past hmmmmm
I will post a picture of him as soon as he sends me one. He was a famous figure in the YMCA over here - for many years.
Great to talk to you Denis - hope to see you over there about this time next year!

We are out for drinks with dozens of others at the regular Eve bash at Steve and Gill's ............ then it it Church for the second time today.
In the morning we are off to d Sheilas.
I will bog a few pix from there.
....... and have the best Christmas Day that you can have - I recommend 'Loveology'.

How are you feeling?

5 Words to describe my life at the moment::

...... and you?