Monday, September 03, 2012



I lurve these reflections captured from tweets.

Better a muddy day at  than a sunny day anywhere else...

Thank you greenbelt for four solid days of highlights. I am so grateful.

Leaving a very wet and muddy Greenbelt 2012 behind. Favourite Greenbelt ever though 

 Camped next to a luggage collection point.Heartened 2 hear people in high spirits,making the best of it & not complaining.

Well done and thanks to all the  team the kids are still dancing to  on main stage and they can't take the summer from me

Another year. Another enjoyable festival - thank you 

 Thanks for a brilliant festival! Full credit to everyone involved. Great team effort. Roll on !

Just got back from . It was incredible thank you so much!!

Greenbelt 2012 has been amazing! So much fun with some very incredible people! Loved it

Still, gobsmacked by the tenacity, determination, hard work and sheer spirit of the tech, volunteer and organisational teams. 

 Both Risings amazing this year. So much musical talent. Well done Greenbelt. So sad to leave but we'll be back, rain or shine!!

One day people will say, "Remember when we crossed mud like the Somme to see  and he was magical?" That was today 

Fab  especially thanks to the parent support tent! You're amazing fabulous & invaluable to those of us with wee ones & dirty nappies!

Really looking forward to seeing Karine Polwsrt  at shortly. A feast of rich, nourishing, inspiring music this year 

Bye bye , miss you, see you next year :-) God bless

Had a brilliant thought provoking conversation starting time at sad to leave but will be back in 2013 :-) 

 Farewell ! It's been a really great festival & I've loved being part of it.