Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Jeff Chau came working with me in 1986


Meeting up with Jeff from Hong Kong visiting ROMFORD YMCA today. 
He came as a volunteer for a year doing everything with great enthusiasm & passion back in 1986 I think. 
He does a great job now with young people in HK - in the shadow of  the great China. 
A privilege to see him. 
Catch up. 
Ask him questions. 
Undress our souls together. 

It was strange being back in the YMCA 13 years after I left to go freelance - 
so many wondrous memories there -  
living / working in that 24x7  busy community. 

Great to see Phil Wright & Gill Holmes at the same time 
+ quite a few members & staff who are still there active doing great stuff.