Sunday, September 25, 2016

WHATEVER - you are 100% totally and completely LOVED.

We have allsorts of thoughts slushing around in our heads 
like a cement mixer. 
When we pour out the concrete it sets and becomes more real. 
So, when we talk things out, 
we make things more concrete and we learn. 
Life is 'life long learning'. 

I was born in St Helens Lancashire, 
the home of glass and Rugby League. 

At school and in the park we never played football, 
even as little kids, 
we played rugby. 

My Dad was a miner in the coal mines. 
He didn't go to war because of that 
and he also was also an 'air raid warden' 
which meant helping people when the bombs dropped. 
I was born as the second world war broke out. 
See if you can work out the year?