Saturday, September 03, 2016

#Opinions can lock out #feelings. Our opinion making can build a #Trump #Wall to keep out feelings.

Opinions can lock out feelings.
Our opinion making 
can build a Trump Wall to keep out feelings.

(Never build a wall 
until we know
what we are walling out
walling in!)

Being quick to form and speak opinions can stifle feelings and empathy.

It is so easy to judge another human.

I recon it is because we feel - that we judge another so easily.

When I get that initial 'making my mind up about a person', 
usually their behaviour, 
I strive to quick as possible to feel and think differently.

Everyone we meet is 
fighting a battle
we know nothing about ....

Yet we so easily - SO EASILY
think and feel negatively.

Am I right 
or is it just me ??

How is it that I could live for 40 years before I had feelings?
Could recognise them I mean.
Could manage them I mean.
Could develop them I mean.
Could feel the beautiful in them I mean ..............

told me about them !
Nobody asked me to pause and think about my feelings.
Seek them out.
Get into contact with them.
NOT FLEE from them but 
welcome them and learn from them.
grow from them.
See & believe that they are a Divine creative gift.

When you get an opinion in your brain
JOIN me in turning it into a feeling.

Let me know what you think?
I have never touched on these opinion/feeling thoughts/words before.

You are beautiful.