Saturday, September 17, 2016

Pip Wisdom - one of my books for your stirring of the soul and BECOMING ......

The first three words in my book 
'Pip Wisdom' by Pip Wilson

Pip Wilson has been around for several decades in mainly the third sector, places like the Mayflower and YMCA, 
these ramblings are very insightful and with the current revisiting of emotional literacy helpful. 
Constantly inviting the reader to share, open up, and be a listener. 
Key themes in emotional well being, value of others, examining self and own impact, excerise in group hugging and encouragement to kiss. 
The Author does tend to self indulge although that minor, if someone wants a kinda urdan wisdom group guide, to dip into that doesn`t take itself too serious. 
Then this small pocket size book will be handy, not a serious read but surprised how deep the issue go. In short useful, helpful, reflective and fun.

By serpico