Thursday, September 01, 2016

"The best book takes you somewhere you've never been, like 'Between The Bars' by Pip Wilson & Bobby Hossain." Martin Wroe

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This book contains the correspondence between Pip Wilson, who for years worked on the streets of the East End of London, and Bobby Hossain, as he struggled to deal with his feelings whilst inside prison.   The diary of communication that flows between them is real and frank. It relatesthe pain, the days of darkness and the gradual internal strength that Bobby discovered with Pip's help.
who I have written the book with.
By the age of seven he had moved home countless times 
and watched his mother battle with depression ....  At the age of eleven Bobby was known to be a young,  troubled child with anger management issues. .. ...he slipped further and further into the criminal world. The result of this was numerous arrests and eventually a case holding a maximum sentence of fifteen years. 
At twenty-two had lost his job, his first mortgaged property and found himself in a 
YMCA Homeless Hostel.  
And that's how we met. I led a course he attended - sponsored by the YMCA. But soon after he was in WORMWOOD SCRUBS and the letters started to flow - all in this book.

It speaks a lot about prison
a life of crime
the possibility of change
and beauty of becoming.
I love it love it

"An emotional and educational read that charts an individuals struggle with anger and the challenging environment that they are forced to live in. The book offers solutions; useful tools and antidotes that we can employ as individuals to help us know ourselves and 'shore up' that Achilles heel. The book encourages us to take that leap of faith and rise from the ashes bathed in the knowledge of self worth and self discovery."
by Jenn Mac
"The best book takes you somewhere you've never been, 
'Between The Bars' 
Pip Wilson & Bobby Hossain."
Martin Wroe *
"... some books make a difference to some people 
for all kinds of often very different reasons..
. trust me, yours is one of those books. 
Pip is good at that soul unwrapping things! 
Thank you both beautiful human"