Thursday, September 22, 2016

"People on a big line of jogging machines, facing a wall, facing a television, with headphones on." - I scream !!

I was in the gym the one day and Jane, one of our young mums, approached me, asked how our Smoking Policy was going on, questions about the crèche and also a Body Fat monitor. 
I did something about this straight away, but she also said that another, and newest gym in our community, had brand spanking new facilities but was full of, "People on a big line of jogging machines, facing a wall, facing a television, with headphones on."
Facing a wall!!
Facing people - each other is the way - building community by building relationships - eye contact - smiles ..... all lead to better relationships .......
No community! No interaction! Facing the WALL!
I scream at this point.

The design of a building can help to create community and/or not create community. Our gym is a fantastic place of people meeting each other and chatting where the machines are faced so people can face people. Programmes can build community.

You have heard about the old days when there were rows and rows of terraced houses in the UK. There used to be street parties and doorstep chats and people walking in and out of each others homes as if they lived there. It was spoiled in later years when they upended the terraces and turned them into tower blocks. People desired to be semi-detached and then fully detached. If you can afford it you then have your own drive and even your double drive. All this works for separation rather than community.

We are spent hours and days with a teams of people from different areas looking at the re-design of our reception area and entrance lobby for instance. This was done strategically.
We want the reception to be open, safer, not closed off with a big glass screen. It is a place with warm colours and warm, lighting.
You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

This is an extract from my book:: 
If I could get you to read ONE book of mine
it would be the one with
60 years of my journey in it.
called Gutter Feelings 
- the 2012 edition.