Friday, September 02, 2016

The best place to discover all the BLOB TREE COMMUNICATION TOOLS available is HERE.

The best place to discover all the 

These BLOB TREE MATERIALS are like Body Language - when we speak without words!
Here we have TOOLS for the best of communication which can be understood by people who can read any language or NO language. Here we have the language of the soul.

These Blob Materials are being developed as I work with different kinds of beautiful humans week on week. There are over a thousand and increasing regularly as they manage to get into all sorts of of situations - schools/classrooms - street/gangs - playgrounds/behaviour more and more.

See the special BLOB SHOP  and my dedicated page on  for many more details.

There are Blob Tools with differing purposes because they are flexible for your use!

The Blob Tree Materials were ideal when working with young people who could not or would not read.

I have led a large Teams of Youth Workers as we worked with young people in hostels, gangs, youth projects including lots of group work.

The Blob Tree is used all over the world. Now I am a Facilitator/Trainer/Group Worker operating freelance worlwide click HERE

All about helping people to open up and develop and grow ........

I use many of them in my work every week with humans who struggle with life. I love Group Work and find that creating the right climate of trust and easing humans into self revelation is the most beautiful experience in development terms.

I also use these tools, and other tools in the range of books, in Facilitation and Training Staff who work with special needs humans in the Voluntary and Corporate Sector.