Monday, January 03, 2005

All is quiet on New Year's Day.

Originally uploaded by Pip Wilson.

All is quiet on New Year's Day.
A world in white gets underway.
I want to be with you, be with you night and day.
Nothing changes on New Year's Day.
On New Year's Day.

I... will be with you again.
I... will be with you again.
U2 song ...... you can guess the title of the song from the chorus.

Yesterday was a lost day ....... we travelled back from Brugge on the 1st and then my body mind and spirit went into catch up .......... it was a day of drinking water and little food .......... is it possible that this head of mine can possibly change gear from 'dull' to 'motorway'?
All is quiet on new years day .....
The only hunger and thirst I had yesterday was to watch a dvd and being vacant of them, other than Gladiator and ?? (that's it that's all)- recently viewed, I watched the full box set of 'band of brothers' which I got last Christmas.
All is quiet on new years days ...........

Today .............. I managed to get for Joan at Christmas a secret present.
It was tickets for a Premiership football match.
And today is the day ........
Crystal Palace v Villa ...... and off she goes ...... not with me I may add. I have my iPod on when she watches it at home so if I went to a game it would be a waste - and I can play iPod here and stay warm! So she is going with Ann and Dave who like that stuff!

So today is a loud music day at home day hey hey!

All is not so quiet - later on - on New Years Days!