Wednesday, January 12, 2005


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........ I still feel happy .....

...sagging a bit now with late night and early this morning ........ but feel good and thoughtful.
I am over the dim-pip-boy feelings from last week and I think my body is detoxing from overload and mind from under-load (or overload with good - enjoyable -relaxing stuff)!

I am thinking about L.5. things - the concept really.
It is a good tool for me and the group I belong to - since 1980 ..... 24.5 years.
(If you don't know the Level Five concept - the best way would be search in the blogger page above - which searches my blog archives and will give several briefings.)
L.5. It is good to use as a tool with humans who are special - and who have special needs too.
It is also a good practical tool for you too.

I find the educated and the professionals are often the ones who are hiding behind their abilities and skills - charm and personality, and many more, too!
Count me in too!

Ghandi was once asked, from all his tough life, persecution and violence against the person, what would be the worst experience he had ever encountered?
He said;
"The hardheartedness of the educated"

Listen up folks ..........
.............................. it seems to me that WE can be the hard hearted
- the mask wearers
- the the Level one, two and three pretenders.
We - Me!
(1= cliche 2=Facts 3=Opinions)

Unless we tell who we are, hiding behind insecurity and inadequate-ness, we will never enjoy the fruits of openness and freedom.

In their rawness I have been working with young humans during 2004 who are on the edge of existence.
A number failed to exist.
The have to let the pain out ...... through self revelation.

What do we do?

This is a poem/quote, below, I have taken it from somewhere recently ...... it is a daily activity to do so. This touches my thoughts tonight so ....... I will leave it with you as a lever ....... a lever to prod and probe the crack in your soul ........ you never know what will leak out ................................ or leak in!

Time to go inward
It's time to go inward take a look at myself
Time to make the most of the time that I've got left
Prison bars imagined are no less solid steel

Time to go inward would you believe that I'm afraid
To stare down the barrel of the choices I have made
The ghost of bad decisions make mountains out of everything I feel

Outside my window the wind weaves a path through the trees
The moon takes a shine to the shadows that fall on the leaves

It's time to go inward
I don't know if I can do it after all that I've become
I've been a fool for money but it's vanity that always leaves me flat

It's time to go inward man I hope I have the nerve
To take an inventory of the causes that I serve
They say a man without a conscience is like a man without a country
or something like that

It's time to go inward time to be still
If I don't do it now I don't believe I ever will
My mind is like a chatterbox whose noise pollutes the pathways
to my soul

Time to go inward time to get a grip
Time to put an end to one long bad acid trip
I'm all out of excuses for the way I've let my choices take a toll

Jesus and Buddah and Krishna and Minnie Pearl knew
Do unto other the things you want done unto you

Time to go inward take a look at me
Try to make some sense of life's illusions that I see
Try to solve the riddle of what it is I have to offer to this world

~ Rodney Crowell
"Fate's Right Hand"