Tuesday, January 18, 2005

BAKED BEAN TRIFLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally uploaded by Pip Wilson.

....... you may not know ...... BUT you may know AND HAVE FELT the blessings of BBT.

One day I doodled creatively and out came a new messy game = BBT

It became a sensation and was used by me in many shows I have conducted at Greenbelt Festival and many tours of the UK including the wide open spaces of Eastern Europe.

YES- BBT has been outpoured in Russia, Bulgaria, Norway, Czech Republic, Switzerland and ...... many more wild events where young and not so young humans want to laugh and scream with delight.

What is it?
Well here goes;
1 take three couples - nice to have three kissing couples because a fun interlude is to encourage them to kiss for the audience reaction. Must be volunteers.......
2 Three chairs facing the audience with one human standing on the chair and the standing in front of him/her - all facing the audience ....... it is great for large audiences and great when it is video/large screen stuff.
3 With a good crowd participation we get to a stage where the person standing in front of each chair has the largest clear plastic funnel you can buy, attached to a clear plastic tube which is just long enough, together, start at the volunteers chin ....... down through and under the clothes and below the belt.!! hey hey
4 Through a fun series of fun questions the first couple end up with the one, standing on the chair, pouring a big jug of water slowly down the funnel - running down the tube and gushing beautifully into the jeans/pants/shorts - all to the delight of the crowd and the shrieks of the volunteers (see why it needs to be volunteers?) They drip from every area of below the belt-ness!
5 The next couple get nice runny bright yellow CUSTARD (made from water and that cheap powder you wouldn't serve to anyone you love!)
All done with the fun questions and the crowd in full voice (you can see why people volunteer! - they are famous after playing this game!)
6 To the sound of rousing music and a big countdown by the crowd ...... the BAKED BEAN TRIFLE is delivered on stage and shown to the crowd to loud applause. It is made up like the traditional English desert but half full with baked beans. Then a two inch layer of custard - topped up with cream and even a cherry on top!
The final countdown is this being poured down the funnel/tube as dramatic as possible to everyone's delight ..... even those doing it!

The show ends right here ..... there is too much mess to continue. My favourite image is seeing someone in shorts with the baked bean mush, slowly dripping from the bottom of the shorts - creating a beautiful pile of debris on the foot-ware.

Now admit it - how many bloggers give you a full-on description of the BAKED BEAN TRIFLE GAME?

Try it ...... on the right occasion and you will be loved forever