Sunday, January 09, 2005


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...... I picked up an old parker fountain pen and doodled with the old thing. I found myself doodling 'jesus jesus jesus'.
I used to doodle like that years ago for years. Jesus in many different ways.
What do you doodle?

Now-a-days ........ I tend to do lists ........ when I turn from clicking da keys to my two A5 pads which hang around indoors (or my wee top pocket book which travels with me always) - I usually do a list.
Sometimes the list of jobs gets no further than the list of jobs!

I have been listing my BMS objectives. - that is Body Mind and Spirit in YMCA speak.
I am big on feelings - but that usually is a journey of self discovery - long road eh?

I am aware that my last blog was opinions.
Opinions can be boring as hell.
Humans who give you opinions, not requested - their communication can be as boring as hell.
Here I am giving opinions which you have not requested hmmm.

In 'Level Five' terms;
Level one is 'cleche' - primetime boring as hell. - but ok as a starter with strangers!
Level Two is 'Facts' ....... zzzzzzzzzz
Three - 'Opinions' ......... said enough about them ...
Level Four - 'Feelings' ......... I strive to learn and practice this ....
Level Five - 'total openness' and not boring at all but unachievable - but nice trying.

Feelings help me start on the journey of 'where I am at' = REALITY.
Then the BMS options need to flow for me.

I put half a stone on over Christmas and it is only falling off slowly.
I worked out in the YMCA Gym for about 12 years but not at all for the last year. My assessment is - that is not good pipman!
I walk a bit as I commute - with a stinking big back-pack - that is good. Maybe I need lead boots too!

With daughter 'A' doing that programme for TV called (Googl--e confus e coming up) Yo u r wat u stinking e at ....... she keeps advising me that I need to be a lot smarter about the exercise and of course the eating ... ..................

By the way - watch the programme this week with the new series - boost the ratings ...... and think healthy ..... I am trying ....

The mind bit ......... I get some considerable sustenance from reading - alongside all the stimulation of working with humans for a living - as a my mission. I need new patterns here.

The spiritual ..... hmm ...... the only thing I have doodled is to look at my thanking and my weeping. I find myself yearning with God for the things/issues/humans in my face ......... that is the natural in and out pouring of my soul. I am not such a 'formal' prayer or worshiper ......... I will continue he doodling .........

Maslow ....... different than L5 which is a model of communication to help us to be effective at ALL levels - here with old Maslow ...... we aim for the top and that is wholeness it seems to me ........ hmmm