Saturday, January 08, 2005

.... LOVE THE WORLD ....

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...... the horror stories go on don't they?
The destruction has been visible from tv cameras ever since Christmas ...... the more personal stories are coming at us - in your face - and rightly so. I am disturbed still - and rightly so. The funds flow out from us and out to those in need. It demands a response.

The two organisations I trust are;
Y Care International
- the UK based world wide ymca fund for such responses ..... and wonderfully engaging and re-sourcing Professionals and volunteers on the ground since day one.
Christian Aid
- who are doing their stuff in co-ordination with other agencies including Churches.

If you want to give further ...... I posted more details of both these good and effective agencies below ....... seems ages ago.

I am disturbed about other things ....... but will leave that for another time.

So many parts of our world in pain when I am ok .......