Friday, January 28, 2005


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A man called Jim Punton was of major non-oppressive influence on me over many years.
When I worked with youth gangs in East London he was the human I went to for support and reflective good youth work practice...... and spiritual reflection.

When under pressure - we learn.

What I found out about SHALOM changed me ....... and still does ......

Jim Punton was a Greenbelt Board member for years and speaker at the festival for many years.
He had a major influence on Greenbelt in the formative years.
Also a Trainer and Bible Teacher with Frontier Youth Trust and Scripture Union.

Jim Punton has written that shalom means:-

Hebrew word usually rendered 'peace' in English versions of the Bible.

"a For the individual - a totally intergrated life of health of body, heart and mind, attuned to nature, open to others, in joy with God.

b Between persons - sharing, mutuality and love.

c In community or society - justice, dignity, independence and freedom, harmony and reciprocity, the contentment with 'enough' that all may have 'enough'.

It is he opposite to oppression, violence, and selfishness; it means man/woman as a caring trustee of creation, having ended exploitation, indifference and irresponsibility. This is something of the shalom of God 'which passes all understanding', the total well-being he wills for man - woman and the cosmos, the goal of his mission, the content of his reign"

Jim died about 10 years ago.
You may see how the above understanding permeates my life.

At the end of 'Gutter Feelings' - my first book ...... I ended with this Bible verse;

"Seek the Shalom of the City
- because in it's Shalom
- you will find your own Shalom"