Monday, January 03, 2005


Originally uploaded by Pip Wilson.

MY BLOGGER of the year is;
Caroline on

I always have to click this way - even when drained and tired
I think it is because she says how she feels - even when life is poor and the road is bramble full. I think it is this, amongst many things, IT IS this.
She tells me, and as many others who are regular clickers, 'who she is'.
That is an aim of mine and I admire and respect her because she does this - with risk of being misunderstood.
And ........ other reasons, and I feel I am not giving my best here ......
She is a Greenbelter.
She is a bhp.
She works in the front line with people in pain.
She uses a wheel-chair.
Her blog is like a web-site, colourful and I envy her ability to do this stuff.
She contributes to my life.
Touches my uncomfortable.
Takes me to new places and thoughts.
Reads my blog!

Other things which my dull mind will not plumb the depths of .....
Thanx Caroline.