Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The New Piccadilly Restaurant ......

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...... if you look at the photo close you can see the date on here ....... 1990!!

..... everybody is talking about U2 tix.
How the whole of London will fit into one gig - I do not know.
The whole of the NW England into one gig in Manchester?
The whole of Scotland at one gig in Glasgow?
Those who bought tickets some time ago before they were announced - two gigs were being sold for London - they will be disappointed.

Mother in Law is OK and I am going up Friday with daughter Ann.

I am catching breath after a busy run.

Today ........ Had a good chat in The New Piccadilly Restaurant with Greenbelter and youth enthusiast - Tony. Love the place ........ love it.
We talked all things wholeness and seek you first ..........

Did I tell you I have my first CD from playdotcom ..... the Chemical Brothers 'Push the Button'. It is growing on me. Need to listen more. Some good standout trax already.
Have bought a couple from eyetunes as well ..... like 'Sa-Ra' who I saw live just before Christmas.

I am challenged by humans who won't let me close.
I understand that and support their rights.
But I want to get close so I can offer support and anything they want.
The problem is toothache.
What do you think about when you have toothache?
So .....
they don't want me close because life is absorbed by toothache.
I understand.
So ........ it is slow.
Part of the solution to toothache is allowing others to get close.
Isolation and toothache don't get on.
In time and with opportunity - they will accept me.
Then I will build a relationship - a climate of trust - consistent - reliable.
Then the toothache - sometimes called;
alcohol problems
drug addiction
fear of failure
emotional deprivation
broken spirit
andmoreandmoreandmore .....

I am not the answer to all/any of these ......
..... the issues of life, it seems to me, need to be addressed as part of a community ...... learning from each other.
me too
me learning too
me giving too
I feel my role is facilitating these things to happen.
Structured experiences - coz they just don't happen on their own so easily.

Do you get what I am on about ......... working with those with the greatest needs, takes some considerable time and emotional resources ....

"Community is a safe place precisely because no one is attempting to heal or convert you,
to fix you, to change you.
Instead, the members accept you as you are.
You are free to be you.
And being so free, you are free to discard defenses, masks, disguises: free to seek your own psychological and spiritual health."
M. Scott Peck

hope you get part of it ...... I only get a part of it.