Thursday, April 22, 2004

Julie Benson Mission Statement

This is a beautiful human from the US of A 
who has slapped soul on a 
Mission Statement proforma 
and has said I can share it ....... 
hey hey .............


Julie Melissa Benson  ………………………………………

1. I will be content with what I have while striving to be a better person through my actions.
(what sort of person you intend to be)

2. I will live to fulfill my attainable dreams, to love and support my family. 
I give to my life honesty to myself.
( what you intend to give to life)

3. I will model my life on the basis of doing onto others as I would have done to me....  "Your character is revealed by how you treat those who can not hurt you or help you"
(what sort of person – name one or kind of person)

4 I will continue to honor my feelings. 
Even when they are ugly and dark. 
Those parts of me make me whole, too! 
I will continue to be a good listener and friend to all in my life and beyond.
( Something you feel good about now and want to last forever)

5 I will love my family and friends unconditionally. 
Even when they hurt me.  
I will love myself and value my needs and desires. 
I will love my beautiful, awkward, happy, loving life. 
I will not forget how lucky I am to be me.  
I am my own number one fan.
(who to love, what to love, a value or principle)

6 I will believe that things do happen for a reason. 
Each a lesson, making me stronger and wiser.  
I believe that being humble can be very rewarding. 
I believe that this is a fragile life, full of uncertainty and joy.  
I believe I am capable of continuing on in my wonderful journey of this beautiful life!
( what belief will you base your life on – foundation)

DATED  April 15th, 2004

SIGNATURE  julie melissa benson...