Tuesday, April 20, 2004

.................. hello good people ............... *I have been slow to blog over the last few days and have missed it myself.
As you know, I click to get stuff out of the soul.
Out of the system so it does not get buried alive.

Always - always - I have things on my mind and it is behaviour whiich kicks the soul more than words.
Words do linger on but behaviour seems to be replayed like a video recorder whilst words play as an audio tape.

A young 21 year old woman who I worked with has died with an overdose.
Over Easter.
Easter week-end.
This sends the community around us into an uncertain spin.
Restless souls.
Uneasy tension - all do things to the whole person and something deeper when the soul is already bruised and battered.

I am resposible to - not responsible for a person.
I have to feel it ................. and that is no problem.
I have to keep my stability because that is needed.

Tonight I co-ordinated a 'memorial' to recognise a life lived and honour the life lived.
A person with different weaknesses than me - than all of us.
A person with different strengths.
We had a crowd and emotions - together.
They linger strong in me now.

It has been a day - the details I cannot share.
So we connect over the e-waves and exchange communication.
I like you being there.
The great unknown - largly unknown.
I know some of you venture in and feel with me.
Explore with me - the journey into life - with me.

Other people I know are troubled and maybe sad. Maybe unsettled. Hurting.
I have concern for you.
I ache with you. The little I know. It stays with me.

I am going and I guess will not sleep for sometime ............... but ....... the glory of God is a person who is fully alive ................