Monday, April 05, 2004

...... as my train journeyed on it past a long rail-side graveyard. I noticed in the rain, two men, both standing alone some distance apart. They were standing motionless by the side of a grave.

The train passed by. My mind didn't. I thought about those men. I offered a wee prayer.

Easter, I thought, is not like that. There is no grave and no waiting for ........

There is no death - zero/zilch/end really. When I consider the cross and the death I cannot associate this with a grave or a loss of a person. I can only think of a God - Jesus, as he was in the flesh, as alive and doing his kingdom stuff. His nature is always to have mercy and that is lived out in a daily presence with us - on the understanding that we reach out a hand to his extended warm and open palm. As I have journeyed - I have had my tough times but have never thought or felt that my point of reference to him was ever irrelevant. I refer out. I refer within.

This is personal. I know other have a relating love relationship with God. To be clicking about this I must be personal because I don't know the living out of faith by others - in detail.

I don't feel religious or particularly worked out with all this. As with any relationship, it is a developing thing. It is peaks and troughs. It is commitment for the long haul and not just a 'try out'.

......... mild he laid his glory by ..............