Monday, April 26, 2004

....... today working at home ......... out for a curry with Mr Singh tonight.

Saturday I did a church youth group evening. Unusual for me. Did a fun and development hour with a mix of two groups. Younger than my norm and found it interesting - and as always - a challenge!
At the end ...... the new Greenbelt video - well worth an effort to show it around - you can get one free and pump it up in all your ways.

Last week - I said I would reflect on it.
I think
I felt........
(what an opening line!)
......... such a mixture of extreme emotions and conflicts - that I didn't know how to feel it.
That is my finger on it.
I cannot determine a primary groove ~ I was in ~ because there was none.
It all mattered. The beautiful and the ugly.
In the mix was
by officialdom

A Memorial and loss considered painfully.
Hurt people

I am ok but always like to put my finger on it.

I wonder if you have feelings?
If you try to put your finger on it?
If you want to put your finger on it?
What do you do with your unique finger tip?
Do you bury them alive?
Unused unique tip?