Wednesday, April 07, 2004

I pray every night by my bed that Batman, Superman or God will come and forgive me and sent me home.

A letter from prison.
I have received letters and have for years. People locked away are keen to receive snail mail and have the time to write.

As we approach Easter week-end I am aware that every criminal is not guilty and the ones that are can turn to a life which more socially acceptable. I feel for the victim and also the offender. I live most of my time with victims of crime. I have worked for forty years with young offenders - who commit the crimes. There is so much pain in those lives. I know that the behaviour is not acceptable and 'if you can't do the time - don't do the time' is sad because it is often said by the 'tough' offender. To me they are full of pain and so inadequate.

So I feel for those who are grasping at life and making a mess of it.
There is no answers here.
Just sharing my feelings here.

Only love is not done.

Only love will not die.