Sunday, April 11, 2004

I have just watched the movie 'The Pianist'
set in Warsaw Poland.
A true story about the slaughter of Jews
in and out of the ghetto
it happened
during my lifetime.

It is not 'entertainment'.
Yet so deep and scratches deep on your soul.
Good scars which I feel and want to learn from.

I visited the Warsaw ghetto memorial a few years ago when I was at a YMCA European Staff conference near Warsaw.
When the we had returned to the conference centre in the silent coaches something moving happened.
The national Secretary of Germany, the top guy, stood up and apologised for the terrible acts committed by people from his nation.
That was so powerful.

So powerful also, was the crime, so real, so inhuman, so ugly ugly defilingly terrible.
How will we look back at the current slaughter in Iraq.
Some of us don't have to wait to feel the shame and the pain and the regret.
I want to stand up and apologise.