Sunday, April 25, 2004

......... these words are from a a beautiful human I work with. He has taken the trouble to write and say beautiful things and given me permission to share .................

Hello Pip,
Thank you for all the fantastic moments you've always anticipated, devoted and shared with us. Don't you ever be disappointed at all on the failures of other people that you might taught of letting you down in the process of the tremendous messages and feelings  you had always like to share. Remember as I've always told you, that all fingers are never equal. People are never the same in their ways of dealing with situations.
We that knew your values will never like to lose you. We've always adored you and would never want to let you down, OK?
Continue to be courageous and hold on the desires. B/c we' ve always need you around.
See our pics. Especially from me, as my gestures of love for you.
So till we see or hear from each others again, pls take good care of yourself as I've always try to do as well.
stay well & always be bless.