Sunday, April 25, 2004

Just booked two tickets for the Cardiff trip following a majestic performance today by 'me lads' the Saints .............

On the 15th May we will have a chance to munch the pies of Wigin.
I will be nervous as a schoolboy on that day because them 'pie eaters' can be good and there is no worse team to lose to than they!

Boy do I love this game. I watched it as a little kid and played it too. School did not play with us with that soccer game but trained from childhood for this sport of wonder. I played it as long as I could then, at the age of twenty something, I went and played the softy game - Rugby Union. My factory at the time, where I 'turned and fitted', Vulcan Foundry in Newton-le-Willows - had about eight RU teams and I played in there every Saturday. I started in the lower ranks and then spent most of my time in the second fifteen. Good days. Lots of injuries. Lots of drinking and singing dirty songs in the back of coaches.

Becoming a Christian for me was a break away, not from the rugby, but away from the language called 'pit language'. Also I did not want to get slaughtered any more. I somehow wanted to think about life and be more directional. That is what faith did with me at the kick off. I was grabbed by a life of excitement and wanted to live it not just take in the view. I suppose I wanted to break from the social norm and realised that being a Christian was being different and I was determined to be it.

But the love of the game lives on in my soul like mushy peas and Lancashire Hot-Pot.

................. come on you Saints ......................