Sunday, April 18, 2004

Bugge Wesseltoft
...... his new album came this week and I sent it immediatly to a TV Director I love because a great number of out-takes could be good for tv. ......... what do I know?

It is called 'FiLM iNG' ............. spelt like this but the Play dot com people just call it 'filming'.

Now this could be my record of the year because it drips vibe and jazzy dancey tunes that are so so different .......... it is hard to explain the kind of music from this Norwegian master of keys and all things jazz.

I never recommend an album because your chicken tikka may never be better than my masala.
Taste is crucial to our uniqueness.
This album
I lurve it.

And the '4 Hero' double album I mentioned this week is growing on me and I listen as I click. It has mixes of Coltrane, Courtney Pine, Terry Callier and many more. I like these mixers. They introduce a fantastic new feel to older stuff and very new.

Been to visit Anita and Tomek today, our Polish - and beautiful friends. We took a Lancashire Hot Pot with us. Authentic as hell - that is a taste that stays with us Lancashire people just like mushey peas. We smacked it in their oven and put on the essential 'crust' which added the crunchy item I lurve so much.
Anita has had an early -so young hip op and is confined to the flat for six weeks. We delighted in the food and I think they did too. Tomek has dipped his toe into Lancashire Hotpot a few times before during his single person visits.

At the same time TK attacked my mactop and rescued my long lost iphoto album of 1600 pix. That is a years pix which I use in my work and I assure you - it includes YOU!
He also turned my mobile phone into a mini-mac with the same fonts and colours as seen in iMacs with the OSX operating system.

Tomorrow there is a Greenbelt Management Group meeting which deals with the detail of the festival and ....... make sure you have seen the website
great pix and info and offers which end at the end of April.

bbecoming ................................