Monday, April 12, 2004

.... strange time .........
...I am playing all the shortest tracks on my laptop as I click. One from American Beauty, U2 - Party Girl, Cinematic Orchestra, The Waterboys, Victer Duplaix (yes spelt like that), Bulgarian Choir and good old Beatles doing Sgt Pepper. All done so easily with iTunes.
But that is not what I think is strange.

When you get a large % of new people in a group, it tends to be strange. I am unpacking it here as I try to understand the dynamics.
1 You may remember an obnoxious person in a group some time ago and I was clicking my thoughts on strategy for development purposes - mine and that persons. This group had the person there. Low and not the superficial flow of 'jack the lad' as us East Enders would say. I think the person now respects me. That was my first objective. Also, my second, that this human would trust me. That too is true in my opinion. The trouble is ........ the next phase needs time and it may have run out. Often that happens because people get whisked away following a visit to court and I see them no-more. I need time to get the group/s process to crack the mask and see the true person develop. It is so wondrous to see that happen. Not all a climb to wholeness - it is, as it is with you and me, a journey of hills and dips, of cross roads and traffic lights (and cops!!). The group can be a good start on that journey - hopefully in the right direction!

2 Sometimes it takes weeks or months before someone comes to the group. They often climb up the wall in their hostel room and only join us in the group due to it being 'less pain' than being isolated. It is great to see people getting to cope with hostel life. Getting the skills and learning how to cope. I think it would crack you up living like this - me too. Just think what it may be like. Once you hit the bottom - the only way is up. It is great to see people with eyes wide open and deciding how they can live here - and a potential glimmer of a future. That good experience was on display in the group right in front of me.

3 The journeys and the residential experiences which staff take them on is so much a big part of the journey into wholeness. I did thirty or more years of this and do not do it now. I swear by it's benefits.
Benefits in human development.

4 In a group there are people in all stages of development. In emotional stability too.

I lurve it.
You can tell eh?
I wonder if I can do this until I am ninety?