Friday, March 22, 2019

'Moment of Surrender' tells the tale of a lost soul, borrowing an 'Alcoholics Anonymous' term.

It is on the edge stuff.
We are on the edge of Easter.
We are almost on the edge of Good Friday.
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1 The first item here are the lyrics to, 
'Moment of Surrender' by U2
2 The first track on my iPhone Player with this blog -
is that song.
If you can read (below) as it is delivered -
wondrous experience.
3 Below the lyrics there is a quote from an interview with Bono. 
It was sent to me by Martin a friend with Angel wings.
It says a lot to me.
Songs speak to me .........


The moment of surrender::
I tied myself with wire
To let the horses roam free
Playing with the fire
Until the fire played with me

The stone was semi-precious
We were barely conscious
Two souls too smart to be
In the realm of certainty
Even on our wedding day

We set ourselves on fire
Oh God, do not deny her
It’s not if I believe in love
If love believes in me
Oh, believe in me

At the moment of surrender
I folded to my knees
I did not notice the passers-by
And they did not notice me

I’ve been in every black hole
At the altar of the dark star
My body’s now a begging bowl
That’s begging to get back, begging to get back
To my heart
To the rhythm of my soul
To the rhythm of my unconsciousness
To the rhythm that yearns
To be released from control

I was punching in the numbers at the ATM machine
I could see in the reflection
A face staring back at me
At the moment of surrender
Of vision over visibility
I did not notice the passers-by
And they did not notice me

I was speeding on the subway
Through the stations of the cross
Every eye looking every other way
Counting down ’til the train would stop

At the moment of surrender
Of vision of over visibility
I did not notice the passers-by
And they did not notice me

Moment of Surrender tells the tale of a lost soul,
borrowing an Alcoholics Anonymous term
for the moment an addict admits helplessness.

"The character in the song is a junkie, so that's where I got it,"
says Bono, who has written about heroin addiction before, most famously on 'Bad', 
from 'The Unforgettable Fire' Album.

"I've been surrounded a lot 
in my personal life by addiction -
- in the last few years, in particular,"

Bono says. 
"I know a lot of people -
- not least the bass player in the band -
- who have had to deal with their demons 
in courageous ways."

In the Nineties -
- around the time he was engaged to Naomi Campbell -
- Clayton grappled with alcoholism, and went to AA himself.

"And maybe there's a part of me that thinks,
 'Wow, I'm just an inch away,''' Bono continues. 
"There's no doubt about the fact that 
I have a wild streak and 
I'd be very capable of setting fire to myself. 
So, you know, I don't go to church for the view."

Moment includes a phrase that's close to sacred for Bono:

"vision over visibility"
Until now, he never found a home for it in a song, 
but he used it as a title for a painted self-portrait in the Eighties,  placed it in poems and essays, 
and even squeezed it into a live version of Rockin' in the Free World.

"It's an idea that I've held on to quite tightly over the years," he says.
"It's like Martin Luther King's speech -
- the moment when you see the place,
but you can't see yet how to get there."

The slogan stands for an insistence on looking past 
what you can see in favour of what could be.

For Bono, the world as it is will never be enough. 
"I'm not the tattooing kind, 
but if I had a tattoo, that would be it," he says.

"Elvis had 'taking care of business'.
I've got 'vision over visibility’."