Sunday, March 10, 2019

Studies show that while childhood emotional wounds may have changed your brain, it also applies that you can change it again.

Studies show that while childhood emotional wounds may have changed your brain, 

it also applies that you can change it again.

report by the World Health Organization predicted that if nothing is done, by 2030 depression will be the number one illness in the world.

Happiness is not just about developing positive emotions, it has two other constituent parts: 
purpose and resilience. 
Having a clear and meaningful purpose is a key element in sustaining long-term happiness.

Negative emotions are an integral part of life, 
developing resilience is the third highly essential component of happiness, 
as it enables us to deal effectively with negative emotions when they arise.
it is crucial to explore how education systems can evolve to help young people develop self-awareness and social awareness if they are to thrive and achieve their full potential once they enter the workplace.

Daniel Goleman defined the four domains of emotional intelligence as: 
self-awareness, social awareness, 
self-management and relationship management.

Exercises of gratitude and emotional awareness can help create the foundational habits for emotional intelligence.

Tactile communication involves a complex communicative system that has been shaped by millions of years of mammalian evolution. 
It includes the human hand, a five-digit dexterous wonder, which evolved to gesture, clasp, hold, use tools and touch. 
Touch is first processed by the skin, an organ made up of billions of cells, which sends neurochemical signals to a large region of the cortex - the somatosensory cortex - which brings to consciousness the precise nature of each tactile contact with the outer world, whether it is friend or foe, potential lover or letch, toxin or harmless element.

Emotional intelligence begins when you ask the right questions.

You can't control your feelings. 
But we can learn to manage the reactions to your feelings.

The ability to relate to another person's feelings goes a long way in building and fostering great relationships.

Remember that "negative" emotions can be just as beneficial as "positive" ones.

When we're happy, 
the coffee tastes better, 
the birds sound sweeter...
and there's no challenge too great to handle.

Men account for more than 90% of prisoners in England and Wales. 
remarkable 85% of people who set fires are men. 
They are the vast majority of people who kill themselves.

Prisoners he had counselled as a therapist, 
they had “almost exclusively” suffered 
“catastrophic failure of parenting” as children. 

“Complex trauma in childhood, we’re often talking various forms of abuse... 
Male role models were either absent or violent or very cold and withdrawn or very cold and domineering.”

A traumatic childhood is more likely to set men down a path of aggression and violence than women. 
All adolescent brains undergo huge change and girls are more likely to “internalise difficult emotions” 
while boys express them outwards - 
more anger, more violence,

Prisoners can be in a prison within a prison with themselves.”

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