Sunday, March 31, 2019

Mothers Day - Mothering Sunday - here I am with 'Me Mam' .........................

What feelings do you feel at the moment?

We need to know our feelings.
If we are not  aware

It is tragic
because of many things …..
Such as missing out on


Helping children to share feelings - vital.
Only by sharing our own do we model such behaviour.
Being scared of feelings = NOTOK behaviours.

The best teaching is by living it.
Most of our learning 
has come from adult figures in our childhood.
That can be good or bad modelling. 

Difficult behaviour is an escape route
from unbearable feelings.
Learn how to manage feelings.
Feelings are SIGNALS.

A caterpillar 
looks nothing like 
a butterfly
one develops from the other.

We can all change.