Thursday, March 07, 2019

EXTINCT - from 1967 I was lead Youth Worker in several Youth & Community Centres - EXTINCT

They cut youth services so youth had no role models to talk too

no one listened . . .when youth workers told them   . . .anyway they closed centres  . .closed

no one was detached on street corners

so they never got any ideas

we stopped going into schools because we had no jobs

we have no money

we were the resources

we have to live life on the dole

no one listened to us

all we wanted to do was listen to them

they needed us to listen






methods to model improved behaviour

no one listened when simple youth workers told them if do not listen 

they will not get heard

if you do not open the youth clubs they will not be able to visit

we never got listened too 

they never got heard

we are on the dole

unemployed  . . . . . . . . .some of them are DEAD

Kevin Waller

May you remain blessed by God.
Pray God,guide, protect,be present with you.