Friday, March 01, 2019

SWOT analysis since the 60's - learning on the job = BECOMING endlesly ................

Managing my BECOMING and 

the emotions in my head. 

On my shelves in my home office
I have box files with my notes
going back to the 60's
YES 1960's

It was then that i had my first 
Youth Work Job.
1st Full Time Youth & Community post.

I have reflections going back to those days.
Every night
late night
retreating to the upstairs flat above the club/centre
I sat & reflected on my day.

One method I used is a SWOT.
It is a great way of
reflective learning.

Featuring on the Positive & Negative.
Reaching out to the future
as well as becoming aware of risks.

We lived above a 7 day a week operation.
Family & Youth Work programmes.
All day
Every day

when the teens left the club at 10pm
we opened again for the boys leaving the local pubs.
Late night conversations were special.
Relationship building.

and then .................. the challenge
Managing my BECOMING
the emotions in my head. 
This has continued
when I moved into my first YMCA post
in St Helens Lancashire.

Here I was in the town centre
living on the job
75 Residents in the Hostel.
Another 7 day a week operation
living on the job.
I loved this
'Living on the job'
but it has to be managed.

I was responsible for the residents +
The programme in this large building.
I needed to learn
and reflecting is the way.

I do a SWOT analysis on myself.
Managing the emotions and 
the ‘what to do’s’ 
logged jammed in my head. 

(SWOT = 
Strengths / Weaknesses / Opportunities and Threats.) 
I want to focus on life right now. 

I use a template (enclosed) 
Starting with my Weaknesses, 
a list of the negatives in my life. 
Owning them is so vital.

You have a go as you read this eh? 

Then move to Strengths - 
the positives in our life. 
They too are vital to 'own’.  
The Strengths and Weaknesses 
are about NOW. 

Moving onto the 
Opportunities and Threats 
= both of these are
looking into the future
both + and - in terms of positive steps to 

avoid the threats whilst 
focusing on the positives.
END with Opportunities (positive thinking)

I still do this reflecting.
Often it is here - online.
Other notes are created 
On a train
whenever I am not in my office.

List of NOTES/Reflections - locations ::
Young Offenders Unit - Cheshire.
The Y Club - 5 years Youth & Community Worker.
St Helens YMCA - Hostel & Programme Director
Mayflower Youth & Community Worker
Romford YMCA Director.
Freelance - Trainer - currently in post! = 15 years.

I am thinking of doing a SWOT
here and public - 
but not today.