Saturday, March 09, 2019

One of my QUESTIONS to people I meet is "Will you ask me a question?"

On I journey on the Social and Emotional,
so I ask a QUESTION:-

I asked if anyone would like to ask me a question.
NOT because I have answers but
I do have reflections.
So I offer these to you.

I love questions because they stimulate me ,
dig into my soul.
They also help me to understand you more.
I love communicating to/with humans.
Writing only interests me as a process of reflective learning.

These are questions which have come from amongst you, 
 I have permission to use their first name::
1   Have you learned to be ? from Alice
2   My question to you is how do you keep the energy to challenge the bubbles? from Chris
3   What he is most insecure about and what he would like help or assistance with? from Dee

All the questions are personal but I guess that social and emotional issues begin and end with the personal!

1   Have you learned to be ? from Alice
I often blog about being a HUMAN BEING and also a HUMAN BECOMING.
I feel that us humans enter our comfort zones as soon as we can and largely stay there.
If you place a crawling child on the floor, 
what does she/he do?
The child explores the periphery of the space -
under the table, every corner and wall.
It is said that we lose that spirit of adventure by the time we are 19.
We settle into comfort zones we are not aware of.

(Do this little exercise, only a moment of your time.
Clasp your hands together with fingers interlinked as one fist.
Now cross your thumbs.
Grip tightly.
Now cross your thumbs the other way - it does not feel comfortable!
Here is one example of resting in our unknown comfort zones.
Growth does not reside in a place called comfortable.)

I have had to learn to become. 'Being' comes natural it seems to me.
I am restless and thirsty.
I enjoy relaxation but then I am refreshed to be a human becoming.
I have learned to BE.
I need more practice of how to be BECOMING.

2   My question to you is how do you keep the energy to challenge the bubbles? from Chris

This question comes out of my Social & Emotional Forum contributions where I was reflecting about my three big challenges in life::
I quote : "How to burst a bubble.
Firstly I am challenged by 
young humans, living in a bubble. 
Trapped in a cycle of
a spliff habit, alcohol dependancy,
no reason to get out of bed,
twittering on Facebook and
trapped in the benefit system,
and clinging to security with their peers."

This was my first challenge, 
and my first thought is - 
I am inspired by young people living on the edge.
So many facing immense challenges whilst carrying childhood wounds.
Being with them inspires and motivates.
The word 'comfortable' gives me the shudders.
A stranger used that word with me yesterday
"It is comfortable here isn't it ......"
The place called 'comfortable' is a dangerous place to be.

So energy comes from human contact.
Not knowing how to help.
Not knowing,but using everything I have
to feel, communicate, value, accept, love ....

These desires demand that I read-to-feed.
These desires extend me to stretching my abilities
These desires drive me to enter my vulnerabilities.
These desires stimulate creativity in communication -
Blob Tree Tools, use of presentations, writing, games, jokes -
but mainly, principally - empathy.

3   What he is most insecure about and what he would like help or assistance with? from Dee
I travelled back in my car from leading a session with young humans.
Two hours. Most of the time thinking about this question.

My first instinct was that - 
I don't feel insecure about anything.
As Wilson Mansions became nearer  - "that just won't do Wilson".
I dug deeper ..........

Our family is great
I have a home to live in, there is a long story here.
Relationships are largely positive beyond expectations.
I am not in community leadership or management now, so I only have to manage me!
I am getting older but only at the same speed as you!
I belong to creative communities and loving 'Level Five' friends.

I posted this on my Facebook page 
(my name there is 'Beautiful Human Person')
"Relationships are the source of our growth as persons.
There must be at least one person with whom he or she is totally open
and feels totally safe at the same time"
Paul Tournier

As I really searched the depths for any insecurity, 
I thought of something.
It relates to the question above.
I don't know how I would be as a human when I am am unable to work?
How would I be if I am unable or unwanted in this part of my life mission?
(I have a Mission Statement which was composed in 1995 but it still remains 'me'.)

I don't know, so
thinking about it, 
which I don't usually do, 
could be a twinge of insecurity.
That is what I feel personally most insecure about but it does not trouble me.
Of course I am concerned about other things such as
our community, our society,and our global community.

The second part of the question is about what I need help or assistance with.
I feel I am loved by family, friends, groups and communities I belong to.
I feel that I have all the support I need.
I both receive and give in these contexts..... and beyond beyond (I love that word).
One day I may become more dependent.

It has been good for me to consider these questions.
It has been good to search the soul.
Maybe you have been also been stimulated by the Q&A?

I feel privileged that you have read my stumbling words.
I am becoming more aware that we are a community ourselves.
Bound together by a desire to explore and become more aware as we journey.

I am not about to become an Agony Aunt,
but please always feel free to comment and reflect.
It is good for all of us.

"Your problem is 
how you are going to spend this one and precious life you have been issued. 
Whether you're going to spend it trying to look good 
and creating the illusion that you have power over circumstances, 
or whether you are going to taste it, 
...enjoy it and 
find out the truth about 
who you are." 
Anne Lamott